Episode 57 – Lessons From the Pioneer of Podcasting

Show Notes

Today’s guest knows EXACTLY what it means to go from struggle to success through his journey as a pioneer in a newer industry. With over 14 years of experience in podcasting, Rob Greenlee has paved the way for many others showing the world the importance of this media platform.

Rob’s professional background includes Head of Partnerships at Voxnest and Spreaker, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at PodcastOne, and several Managerial and Programming roles at Microsoft, including the launch of Podcast Zoom. Also noteworthy is that in 2004, he was the host of “The Web Talk World Radio Show,” which was recognized as the first syndicated radio program in the world to begin podcasting.

Stick around to find out why Rob says to:

~Focus on just ONE thing instead of being a “swiss army knife”
~Learn how to speak to an audience of one
~Collaborate with your competitors in order to grow your business

If you would like to further connect with Rob, you can find him at spreaker.com/user/robgreenlee, RobGreenlee.com, voxnest.com, and linkedin.com/in/robgreenlee.

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