Episode 45 – Louis Di Bianco: Storytelling Secrets for Instant Connection

Show Notes

Storytelling can unlock opportunities for you.

Telling stories helps us to connect with others, and that can help us in everything that we do.

My guest today, Louis Di Bianco, is a professional actor, performance and presentation coach, writer, teacher, and network marketer.

His expertise as a storyteller enriches all of his professional roles as well as his personal life.

Louis has more than 40 years experience as a stage, TV, and film actor. He has appeared in numerous feature films, including Academy Award-winning, Moonstruck.

More than 20 years ago he began to teach the skills of dramatic communication to business people. Since 2007, he has helped numerous network marketers share their products, services, and opportunity through storytelling.

We talk about:
• How to discover your art of storytelling
• Louis Di Bianco’s story of survival and self development through storytelling
• The power of storytelling
• The right way to communicate your story to others
• How to sell your business as a story, rather than a product
• Exclusive storytelling tips for GREAT stories
• Key points to remember when selling your product or service
• Product Features versus Benefits
• Why Conflicts and Obstacles are Important on a Journey
• How to Get People to Know, Like and Trust you
• Why You Should Watch More Movies
• A special offer for Louis Di Bianco’s ebook! Visit Top Earner Storytelling

You can learn more about the power of story at Louis’s podcast website:ChangeYourStoryPodcast.com. You can also download a free eBook on that site; it’s called “Storytelling Secrets for a Rich Life and Business.”

He has created a site just for you, the listeners of this show, where you will find a free gift. It’s an eBook called, “Show, Don’t Tell: How to Become a Network Marketing Leader by Telling Authentic Stories.”

Grab your copy now because Louis plans to expand it into a course soon; then it will not be free. The link to get your eBook is Top Earner Storytelling.

“People don’t buy with their brains, they buy with their hearts. You get to their hearts by speaking with language that hits all of the senses.”

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