Episode 43 – Tammy Trent: Giving Purpose to Pain

Show Notes

My guest today is OVERFLOWING with passion!

Tammy Trent is an expert at digging out the ultimate purpose for anyone’s life.

You won’t believe the story of tragedy, passion and faith that she has to share with you.

I can tell you that if you need help claiming victory for your life and need some inspiration, this episode will do it!

We talk about:
• Chasing your dreams, no matter what it takes
• What it’s like to plant some seeds and land a record deal
• Leading yourself along your path by being innovative
• Why God expects us to jump into his plan rather than wait for it
• Embracing your uniqueness vs. comparing yourself to others
• Putting the pieces of your purpose and path together using God’s clues
• The bigger reward that comes with taking 100% responsibility for your success
• Identifying where you’re supposed to be according to God’s will
• Overcoming the worst moment imaginable and finding God’s love through it all
• How to find passion, purpose, and faith in life’s hardest moments
• Why God wants us to have things that fill up our hearts
• Claiming victory in your life and why you’re equipped for it

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“When your ashes are made into something beautiful, you see how this can serve a greater purpose in your life and you will become stronger, not weaker.”

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