Episode 41 – Lessons Learned From a Failed American Idol Audition with William Hung

Show Notes

Our guest for this show is an award-winning speaker who is probably best known for his “failed” audition on American Idol.

You have probably seen it because it has been viewed more than 5 million times on Youtube.

Today, William Hung is an incredible public speaker and coach who helps other people to overcome their fears to achieve their dream life!

I recently met William Hung at the Podfest festival, and we realized that our messages aligned with one another’s in a lot of ways. Both of us are here to help ambitious people achieve their dreams!

After William Hung searched for success and fulfillment in the entertainment industry, he obtained his MBA and started climbing the corporate ladder…before finding himself hitting the glass ceiling.

William and I explore how in living a bigger mission beyond himself, he found the way to true happiness…it just takes some major courage to step outside your comfort zone.

Visit William’s website to learn more about his public speaking and more, click here.

We talk about:
• Doing something other than what you’re “supposed” to do
• The right reasons to follow any path in life
• What really happens when your American Idol audition goes viral
• Making the best out of being infamous
• Discerning the best things for you
• How to change what isn’t working
• Going from a career in entertainment to getting an MBA
• The transition to speaking-coaching-traveling full time
• Helping other people overcome their fears to achieve their dream life
• Creating open doors as a novice entrepreneur
• Networking to find friends and mentors that align with your vision
• Building High Income Skills
• How to grow your side hustle
• And more!

“I was determined to create my own open doors.”

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