Episode 168 – The Facts About Breast Implant Illness with Christina Roulund-Dennis

Show Notes

Hey Dreamer!

Today’s podcast episode is about how our health is connected to our self-image.

We all strive to become our ideal selves. For some women, that has meant pursuing breast augmentation.

There is nothing to be judged about changing one’s appearance through a procedure. But as with anything, we need to be aware of potential risks to our health.

My guest on the Dream Cast today is Christina Roulund-Dennis. She’s a certified personal trainer, as well as a health, fitness, and self-image coach.

Christina experienced the toxic effects of breast implant illness. And today she’s speaking to us about what we need to know about it.

You’ll learn about:

• Christina’s story of breast implant illness
• The facts about breast implants and potential toxicity
• Christina’s methods for creating your ideal self-image

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