Episode 165 – How to Scale Your Business By Creating a Team with Kristin Molenaar

Show Notes

Hey Dreamer!

Do you ever feel stuck because you can’t figure something out for your business?

One counterintuitive thing I’ve realized is…you don’t have to do it ALL yourself!

There are even services you can turn to and outsource the hardest tasks so that you can focus on the actions that grow your business.

My guest on the Dream Cast today is Kristin Molenaar, CEO of YesBossVA. Her business is all about helping entrepreneurs to run theirs.

I am impressed by how Kristin is able to serve other business owners while running a business herself! Listen to this episode to learn:

• How Kristin started her virtual assistant business
• Why leaning on a team can help you grow
• Ways to start building your team of helpers

Listen now!

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