Episode 016 – Using Intuition to Unlock Your Destiny with Romeo Marquez, Jr.

Show Notes

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If you’ve ever faced a setback, my guest Romeo’s story reminds us that every obstacle we face is actually setting us up to be transported to our next destination. If you have a dream and you’re not there yet, remember that you ARE on your way, there might just be a few stops before you get there.

Romeo Marquez, Jr. has incredible public speaking skills and he’s used this strength to achieve a dream life filled with empowering others all over the world. Romeo’s motto is “Imagine your life. Then live your imagination,” and I have to say that I couldn’t agree more. That’s what living your dream life is all about!

Failure is a part of success, it challenges us to do the new things we didn’t think we are capable of doing, but it’s all there to serve us. With visualization, meditation, prayer and allowing our soul to guide us to our destiny, anyone CAN live a work of purpose and significance.

I’m so excited for you to hear Romeo’s dream life journey and his experience becoming an internationally sought-after public speaker, trainer, and coach who empowers the Now Generation to maximize their greatness so they achieve extraordinary results.

To get Romeo’s inspirational book, The Success Messages, sent to you for FREE, text “Appreciation” to the number 44222! And head over to Romeo’s website for more information on Romeo and all of the amazing coaching and speaking he has to offer.