Episode 152: Social Media Marketing 101 with Heather Heuman

Show Notes

Hey Dreamer!

Are you a little unsure about how to market your business on social media?

Social media marketing might seem to come natural to some people when you scroll through the feed and see them with thousands of followers…

…but the truth is that a few hundred closely engaged followers who are loyal to you and your brand are better than a few thousand who don’t talk to you or buy your product.

Today, we’re going to clear up any confusion you may have about marketing on social media. My guest is Social Media marketing expert Heather Heuman, founder of Sweet Tea Social Media Marketing, where she helps businesses grow using social media.

Listen to learn:

  • How to shine a light on social media that amplifies your message
  • What to post, how to post it, and when
  • How to develop a social media plan and framework that works

Can’t wait for you to hear this one!

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