Episode 151 – The Four Success Mindsets (Which Do You Have?)

Show Notes

What are the invisible scripts inside your head?

Along my path to entrepreneurship, there were plenty of times that I had to stretch myself every which way to find out what mindsets were holding me back and create new, better ones.

When you’re in your own head, it’s hard to step outside of yourself and figure out what it is that you keep telling yourself!

My guest on the Dream Cast today, Ryan Gottfredson, specializes in figuring out what mindsets you have – namely: the four mindsets that drive success.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About the four mindsets that drive success
  • How to find out what mindset you possess
  • How to improve your mindsets to unlock better life, work, and leadership

Listen now! And take Ryan’s personal mindset assessment at his website to see what of the four success mindsets you have.

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