Dream Cast Episode 129 – What “Making It” Really Means with Megan Drizin

Show Notes

When we say we’ve “made it,” it can mean a number of different things. But when we HEAR those words, we usually think of the typical measures of success.

Money, a good position of some kind, a nice relationship – we look at these things by themselves or together and say that person’s “made it.”

And usually, it’s the case. It’s wonderful to have those things and we should all strive toward them! But when we ONLY think about those traditional measures of success, we turn a blind eye toward other forms of success that are right in front of us while we are still on our path toward those ultimate goals!

No one makes it overnight without hard work, and that takes time. But we do accomplish a lot of things along the way that we should look at as “making it.”

AND nobody encapsulates this better than my guest on the podcast today, Megan Drizin. An aspiring singer, I first met her when I saw her GO UP ON STAGE to sing at a Kelly Clarkson concert!

What an incredible accomplishment of courage and willingness to put herself out there! This is definitely a form of success along her goal to become a well-known singer. In our interview, I’m going to ask Megan all about this experience along with her thoughts of what it truly means to have “made it.”

Listen now! 🙂

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