Ep – 127 The Story Behind the Make A Wish Foundation

Show Notes

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Everyone can be a hero. That’s the tagline to the latest movie, The Wish Man, that tells the backstory of the Make-A-Wish foundation. Which, to date, has granted over 500,000 wishes to children!!

Frank Shankwitz started the make a wish foundation, but few people know the story behind this influentially generous figure.

Frank and the Make-A-Wish foundation’s story are all about having a big dream and the courage to go do it. The same is true for my guest on the Dream Cast, Lynda West – executive producer of The Wish Man film.

According to Lynda, Frank “never took a dime.” Wow.

From a troubled childhood, to a highway patrol officer, to literally granting others’ wishes: this is a movie and story you do not want to miss! Lynda and I talk about the movie, dreaming big, and doing even bigger..hit play to hear the episode.

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