Episode 126 – How to Turn Your Creative Passion Into a Profitable Business

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I always love talking to other women who share my vision for turning their God-given passion to help others into a daily practice thru their business.

My guest Jennifer Allwood has some amazing nuggets of knowledge and wisdom to share with you today! Jennifer’s business coaches women to market and sell their creative passions…

…any of you who are on the creative side probably agree that marketing is not your favorite activity. But it can be a habit that catapults your success!

Listen to our conversation to hear all about turning your creative passion into profit. Including:

• The mindset behind building an audience of future customers
• What it takes to go from being a “creative” to a “creative business expert”
• Why “Charge What Your Worth” isn’t always true
• How to position your creative business
• Going beyond services to fit multiple income sources into your business
• Public speaking even when doing it is not your first choice
• Balancing business and marriage: what’s the worst that could happen?
• Much more!

Don’t miss this one! Inspiring and empowering, with some great strategic knowledge. Listen now 🙂