Ep: 125 – From Consultant To CEO: One Women’s Inspiring Story of Faith with Heidi VanderWal

The winning mindset that leads to success is something I’ve studied for over the past decade.

One of the conclusions I’ve come to is that a winning mindset isn’t the same from person-to-person. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and its OUR MINDSET that makes up for our gaps and propels us toward our greatest goals.

No one understands this more than my guest on the podcast today. Heidi VanderWal is the CEO of Crowned Free, a direct sales company that she launched and grew through listening to the voice of God.

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, and for many of us and Heidi, it came from on high. Listen to this stunning story of determination in business through faith and learn about how Heidi’s mindset led her to grow a direct sales company she can be proud of.

Learn more about Heidi VanderWal and Crowned Free at their website –¬†https://crownedfree.com