Episode 124 – From Homeless to 5x CEO with Britnie Turner

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When people ask me “how I did it” in terms of building a business, often I’ll just draw a blank!

The reason is: there isn’t any “secret” or single thing that leads to success in business.

The way to bring your life up another level and beyond is to build on and master the variety of different mindsets and habits that lead to a happier, more abundant, fulfilled life.

If you’ve heard any of my content, you know this is what I talk about every single time. It’s the right mindsets and habits that will lead you EXACTLY where you want to go!

My podcast guest today demonstrates this so well. Britnie Turner started with nothing and found that as she improved her mindset, skills, habits, and attitudes, incredible abundance flowed into her life. She’s an entrepreneurial ROCK STAR who keeps her head down and continues to build her businesses while living a life she loves.

You could say the abundance is overflowing, as today, Britnie runs 5 businesses AND a non-profit!

You’ll be missing out if you don’t listen to this interview! Britnie and I talk about:

• Going from being homeless with no business skills to becoming the CEO of multiple businesses
• The habits and mindsets that allow you to unlock your fullest potential
• Why maintaining your health is a crucial, but often missed, part of being an entrepreneur
• Much more!

Listen now to learn from today’s awesome guest!