Episode 123 – How the Compound Effect Can Create Massive Change In Your Life with David Roden

Chances are, if you’re subscribed to my podcast (or if this episode title caught your eye): your end goal is to transform from who you are now into who you ideally want to be.

The only problem is that it’s not always that easy, as you may very well know. If you’re wishing there was a way to create massive change in yourself and your life, while staying true to who you are, you’re going to love today’s podcast guest.

David Roden has an incredible success story to share about his journey through shedding both physical and emotional weight (which it turns out, were closely linked).

And he really understands the mind-body connection. In fact, David went from no personal limits with food to losing over 100 pounds.

This journey allowed David to discover and reconnect with who he REALLY was.

If that resonates with you, you absolutely have to tune in to hear David’s incredible story and priceless advice for anyone who wants to transform their personal habits, and improve their body+mind.