Episode 122 – The [Secret] Behind The Global Brand “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” with co-author Sharon Lechter

Show Notes

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Believe me: almost NOBODY gets to the next level without help from people who are already there.

The power of association is SO important in today’s world. We need to find the people who are able to lift us up and ASK them for help in getting what is we have to offer out there! Most people call this “networking,” but the difference is that we’re going to do it more intentionally.

Easier said than done, I know. That’s why in this episode, I interview the co-author of a LEGENDARY book that you have probably, or definitely, heard of. Rich Dad Poor Dad co-author Sharon Lechter joins me on the Dream Cast.

I am OVERWHELMED (in a good way) with all of the incredible ideas Sharon shares for getting to that next level! (Whatever that “next level” is for you.) We talk about:

  • How to make your brand “global” through your passions and talents
  • Why opening the doors of opportunity involves closing other doors
  • What you have to do first before you can “Play Big” with your personal brand
  • How to serve rather than sell

There is a formula for success…and it doesn’t have to be complex. It just takes ACTION. Listen to this episode now to see why!

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