Episode 120 – Designing Your Dream Life Starts Now (Personal Testimonies)

Show Notes

The amount of gratitude I feel for those of you who have given your personal testimonies is overwhelming…which is why I want to do something a bit different with this episode.

You’re going to hear the personal testimonies from people who have used my content to improve their lives. This is a gear up to the launch of my latest book: Design Your Dream Life.

Design Your Dream Life is a hybrid personal memoir and self-development workbook that is based on all of the lessons and principles behind any success, and not just my own. I created it purposefully to get you over any hump and up to the next level.

I didn’t do it alone though. There are some incredible people who left feedback that taught me things, including how to make the workbook even better before it’s out.

I don’t want to reveal too much more, so I think it’s best if you just listen to this episode and hear what other people have to say, their reactions, and insights after using my content to take action in their lives.

Stay tuned for more info about how you can be one of the first to get YOUR hands on the Design Your Dream Life workbook when it launches on May 7th!

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