Episode 113 – Does My Daughter Have Cancer? One Mother’s Healing Journey

Show Notes

When Taylor Holweger was just four years old, her parents became increasingly concerned about how easily she bruised. At first the doctors thought it was bone cancer, but a biopsy proved that to be wrong. Next they suspected lymphoma, but again that was not the case. Her mother, Staci, was becoming increasingly anxious with the misdiagnosis’s and was desperate for answers. The doctors then began treating little Taylor for adult leukemia, which eventually led to an induced coma lasting two weeks and questions as to whether or not Taylor would make it out.

During this difficult time, one of Staci’s friends who is a nurse reached out to her. She introduced her to natural methods that could help improve Taylor’s condition…and to her surprise, they did! Staci has continued to cling to the natural approach over the last twelve years and has walked her daughter through alternative treatments that have made a world of a difference.

In this episode, you’ll hear about the following treatments and how they have not only made an impact, but have also helped to create new neuropathways in Taylor’s brain:

~Craniosacral Therapy

Staci also has a strong message about keeping your hope stronger than your distractions. She shares how with each set back, she chooses not to view it as wasted time but rather a valuable learning process.

To learn more from Staci, please visit her website www.StaciHolweger.com or check out her book, Clean Keto available on Amazon.

Some of the authors Staci mentions on the episode include:

Abraham Hicks
Ester Hicks
Tony Robbins
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Gary Vaynerchuk
Neville Goddard
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Wallace Wattles
Gregg Braden
Florence Shinn

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