Episode 112 – From News Anchor to Newsworthy: One Woman’s Story

Show Notes

I love staying up on the news — but let’s be honest — it can be soooo depressing!  Not only that, but it takes up a lot of precious time (even if I’m multi-tasking, it feels like I’m locked next to my television for an hour). Often I wonder if I heard the full story or if there are other angles to view the information. Does this resonate with you? If so, you’ll love my guest today!

As a former CBS Los Angeles broadcaster, Erica Mandy found herself 10 years into the industry and wanting to change things up a bit.  She felt there was a gap in the market — after much research and many surveys, she discovered people were often bored and depressed with the news and felt it was time consuming. She knew there had to be another way to help people stay informed that could be fast, fair and fun.

In today’s episode you’ll hear how she was able to flip the switch and jump from being a News Anchor to being the host of Newsworthy, her 10-minute daily podcast show. The advice she has for fellow entrepreneurs is invaluable:

~Learn how to recognize and appreciate your own value.
~Decide when it’s necessary to reach out.
~Take small, calculated risks to win big.

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