Episode 104 – Yoga in Bali, Anyone?

Show Notes

Everyone wants to find that ONE thing that lights them up and brings them more passion for their purpose. For my guest today, Kremena Yordanova, yoga did exactly that. And let me tell you, this former cruise-ship-worker-gone-yoga-teacher is ALL IN. Her desire is to make yoga more accessible to busy professionals and bring serenity to a hectic lifestyle. She travels to places to deepen her experience and helps others do the same. Organizing events, retreats, workshops and weekly yoga classes is just small part of what she does.

Kremena is especially excited for her next yoga retreat coming up called “Yoga, Food and Coconuts” that will take place in Bali this February. She and her business partner have been dreaming of this location for three years and IT.IS.FINALLY.HAPPENING!

In today’s episode, she will touch on:

~What are the two most important things to consider when hosting an event?
~Why is it important to attend retreats?
~What business skills have helped her to stay balanced?
~Why should people give yoga a try?

To find out more about YorYoga and to connect with Kremena, click on the links below:


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