Episode 101: The Amani Experience: From Corporate to Creative

Show Notes

The pursuit of improving ourselves often comes in the form of goal setting, self-help books, mentoring and conferences. But do we take the time to improve the CREATIVE side of our brain? If this could this positively impact your business, wouldn’t you like to know how to do it?

Meet Amani Roberts. He is the owner of the Amani Experience (amaniexperience.com), a luxury music entertainment company. Amani and his team of professional DJs specialize in corporate events, weddings, private parties, video DJing, marathons, experiential events and more.

Amani was once a Director of Marketing for hotels but couldn’t shake his dream of making it big as a DJ. Aside from his DJ company, Amani’s personal journey from corporate to creative has lead him to start his own podcast (www.theamaniexperience.com/podcast). On it, he interviews others who have also made a similar transition, breaking free from corporate America to pursue their passion.

In today’s episode, Amani will encourage us to flex our creative muscles. We will learn how music has the ability to:

~Bring creativity back into the workplace
~Help us get out of emotional ruts
~Build unity and strengthen teamwork

Amani also recommends reading books as a way to increase creativity. Some of his favorites are Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, anything by Tim Ferriss, Grit by Angela Duckworth, and The Artist’s Way by Juila Cameron.

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