The Top 5 Dream Cast Episodes of 2018

Listen to the Most Popular Episodes of The Dream Cast from 2018

I LOVE podcasts because they are one of the most fun and entertaining ways to gain knowledge + inspiration. They’re great for listening in the car, while folding laundry, going for a run, etc.

I’ve gained so much from podcasts that last year, I started the Dream Cast to pay it forward by adding my voice to the mix.

In case you missed it, I just released the 100th episode of The Dreamcast.

After a year of podcasting and 100 episodes, I am amazed by how many incredible guests, conversations, and ideas we managed to cover.

If you’ve been listening to the show, I want to sincerely thank you and hope you’ve gotten some major insights out of it!

Now seems like a GREAT time for you and I to check in the episodes you all enjoyed the most so far.

Try one of these if you haven’t listened to The Dream Cast yet and want a starting point, or if you want to discover some new episodes you haven’t already heard!

Without further ado…these are the top Dream Cast episodes of 2018!

1. Episode 001 – How I Created My Dream Life

In the first episode, I introduce myself and the podcast to explain how everything led to HERE.

2. Episode 026 – Top Secrets to Casting a Billion Dollar Vision

In this one, my good friend and vision-casting master Pam Sowder shares her personal tips for creating a vision that propels you to greatness!

3. Episode 006 – Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

My friend Carla Burns is such an inspiration to me. Her unique perspective sheds light on the connection between our faith, our thoughts, and the world around us!

4. Episode 005 – How to Improve Mood and Mental Health

My dear sister Lisa Thompson hops on the show to empower you with the tools that improve your sleep, stress, mental health (must listen).

5. Episode 70 – Building a Business Based on Babies

So many of us desire to succeed in entrepreneurship or our career while being incredible parents to our children. Cara Dumaplin is an expert on meeting this challenge and you NEED to hear her advice.  You can truly make it possible to build a business based on babies!

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