Manifesting Money – Learn How to Manifest Money into Your Life!

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    It’s that time of year when we promise ourselves we’ll improve. We’ll take better care of our health, let go of old habits, quit our jobs, or get better work…

    There’s always room for personal growth, and when we put our minds to it, there’s almost nothing we can’t do. In fact, we’ve got the potential to be so powerful – what if this year you learned how to manifest money? Manifest money quickly, even!

    What if you fine-tuned your superpowers to attract wealth and make the law of attraction work for you? Wouldn’t the ability to bring more money into your life just make everything else easier?

    How can I attract money immediately?

    As a business coach, this is a question I’ve heard from many people, and it’s usually accompanied by cries of desperation at never having enough… To me, however, this sounds like victim thinking, and as you’ll see below, anI need it’ attitude is not optimal for manifesting wealth. All the opposite in fact! If you want to attract more money, forget what it is you don’t have. 

    Be light and playful, and feel grateful for everything you already do have.

    Take it one step further and act like the cash you need is already in your pocket. I’m not saying to go crazy and spend money you don’t have, just feel confident that the funds are there if you need them. Take note of what happens next! 

    I’ve manifested some of the best things in my life

    About ten years ago, my husband and I wrote down our desired income on our whiteboard in the kitchen. I admit it was a grand goal – we knew we had to dream big! – but because we saw that number every day, it started to become more realistic for us. 

    We didn’t get the money overnight, in fact, it took us a couple of years to reach our desired amount. But we finally did attain our goal, and we knew that our money mindset had helped us make it happen.

    Open the doors to synchronicity

    Then, before buying our house, Brandon and I created a list of what we wanted for our dream home. We wanted a big yard with a pool, which isn’t always easy to find in a neighborhood close to shops and schools. 

    We wanted an indoor basketball court and two office spaces since we both work from home. We chose a date on the calendar when we would start looking, and the house we ended up buying came on the market just one week before that date. It was exactly what we had pictured – basketball court and all! 

    We walked in and it felt absolutely right.

     It was like we’d opened up the doors to synchronicity and welcomed it right in!

    Manifest money through mindset

    As with everything else, manifesting money begins with your mindset. If you tell yourself that you don’t have enough, that it’s impossible to be, do or have more, or that deep down, you think you don’t deserve to have more money in your life, well then, that’s how it will be. 

    You’ve just declared to God, to the entire universe in fact, that you’re not worthy and you can’t do it. And whoever’s calling the shots up there will hear you and agree…

     But rest easy, because you do deserve more. Yes, you are worthy of wealth and abundance, and like all of us, you deserve to sleep well at night, knowing that your finances are taken care of and you’re on your way to living your dream life. Everything is possible. You just have to take the time to retrain your mind and work on your mindset.

    Money mindset makeover

    What you focus on expands, and your mindset either attracts or repels your wishes. The type of energy you give to something, and your words and thoughts behind that energy, help determine the outcome. Sounds simple, right? It works for love, and it also works for wealth.

     Remember that money is simply energy too. It is a neutral object that comes and goes, a tool in the form of a piece of paper or bank transaction that helps us get what we need and what we want. Still, we often assign labels to this tool: good, bad, plentiful, lacking. 

    These labels affect our mindset and create blocks, which in turn affect our ability to attract more wealth. Let’s look at how you can change that.

    Step One: Identify your current mindset

    The first step towards change is awareness, so let’s determine where you are now.

    How you feel about money often dates back to when you were a child. Like most beliefs we’ve carried over into adulthood, our family’s patterns and reactions play a vital, albeit subconscious, role in determining who we are today.

    Now, think back to your childhood and focus on the memories money stirs up for you.

    What was the mood in your family around money? Were your parents stressed or worried about making ends meet, or were they carefree and generous? Did you hear things like, We can’t afford that, money is hard to come by, rich people are greedy, no pain no gain?

    The way your family felt and dealt with their finances plays a significant role in how you feel about money today. Know that it’s never too late to change that old paradigm!

    Another exercise to help you identify your current money mindset is to write the word Millionaire at the top of a paper and jot down whatever comes to mind. What connotations does the idea of money, a lot of money, have for you? Without any self-imposed filters, does the notion of millionaire represent hard work, greed, freedom, worthiness? Once you’ve written down your ideas, it’s easier to see what you’re dealing with. Are most of your words negative, neutral or positive? Once you’ve analyzed that, you’ll be able to completely switch, alter or grow your money mindset to attract more money into your life.

    Step Two: Transform your money mindset

    You often hear me talk about mindset, and that’s because it affects everything in our lives. Mindsets can shift your identity and create your reality. It’s scientifically proven that the way we feel about situations affects their outcome.

    It all happens in the reticular activating system (RAS), which is the filter in our brains that impacts what we see and experience in the world. This bundle of nerves at our brainstem filters out unnecessary information so the important stuff can come through. This means that if we’re constantly thinking that there’s never enough to go around, focusing on debt, lack and scarcity, then that’s what our RAS recognizes as important to us. And that’s the kind of world we’ll know and experience.

    Thankfully, the same thing happens on the flip side. If we believe that abundance can come from any direction, that there are lots of ways to make money and plenty of it to go around, then that’s what we’ll see happening.

    But where to begin? My two favorite ways of transforming and growing mindset are through affirmations and visualizations.

    Money affirmations, loud and clear

    Affirmations are ‘I am’ declarations that center around what you truly want. They help you own your desired reality before it even becomes real. Speaking as though what you want is already happening simply launches the manifestation process.

    I am financially free.

    Money comes easily and effortlessly.

    There are so many creative ways for me to bring money into my home.

    I have more money at the end of the month than I have month at the end of the money.

    When you start repeating these affirmations to yourself, you’ll begin to notice all the small ways that abundance presents itself. You receive an unexpected check in the mail, an old friend treats you to lunch, or an expensive item you need is now on sale at half price.

    Take note and write down all the ways that abundance pops up in your life. That will trigger your RAS, which will in turn attract even more of these manifestations to you. Abundance exists and is always out there, but if you don’t pay any attention to it, it won’t come into your space.

    Manifest wealth easily and effortlessly

    My absolute favorite money affirmation is:

    I am easily and effortlessly earning X per month – and more.

    I make sure to always include the words ‘easily and effortlessly’ at the beginning because I want things to flow. When in the flow, people tend to feel lighter, more playful, and that also attracts more joy and abundance.

    By being specific with your requests, numbers and dates, you’re setting your internal GPS so that it can take you directly where you want to go. So go ahead, get into the driver’s seat! Stay positive and focused on exactly what you want, and talk about your goals as if they already exist.

    Create a vision board

    Most of us are visual beings, and our bodies tend to work in pictures. Your body reacts to what it sees, so it’s important to show it exactly what you want.

    Picture yourself doing something you love, whatever that may be. Are you leisurely biking along the beach boardwalk, playing your favorite instrument, or sport with your kids? Maybe you’re having a picnic with friends at the top of a mountain, or cuddling up with someone or a book by the fire… Just think about what makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  

    You can also create an actual vision board by placing inspiring images you love where you can see them every day. Like the financial goal we had written on our kitchen whiteboard, this collage or physical manifestation of your dreams can help you focus and envision yourself living them.

    Feel it through visualizations

    Now go a little bit deeper: What would life look like if you had all the money you wanted? How would you feel if you could sleep soundly at night, knowing you no longer had to worry about debts or paying the bills?

    You’d feel grateful and relieved, wouldn’t you? I know that since I’ve fine-tuned my abundance mindset and proven to myself that I’ve got the power to manifest money, I’ve become more patient with all the people around me. I’m more lighthearted and giving, and I’ve got more brain space to be creative and do what I love – to actually do what I love and no longer just visualize it.

    So try it! Be bold and visualize large sums of money going into your bank account every month. See yourself paying off that debt, and making the transfer for your children’s college tuition. What a relief that is!

    Visualize yourself buying those expensive red boots, that liberating camper trailer, or that house you love by the sea. Now imagine how life would be once you’ve manifested your dream. How do you feel strutting into your new house in your sexy red boots? It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

    Immerse yourself, not only with words but with thoughts and images. These eventually translate into your emotions, and by really feeling the way you want to feel, overflowing, abundant, you’re creating that for yourself.

    Step Three: Create your new reality

    It all starts in your mind. I know it’s easy to dive into negativity when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, when you’re stuck, scared. But next time your usual reflexes tell you you can’t do something, that it’s impossible, push them aside and ask yourself this question instead:

     How can I afford this?

    How can I afford this?

    This question alone will move you from your state of stuckness, of utter despair, to a space where anything is possible. Open up to your creativity and ask yourself:

    What can I do to afford this?

    What do I have control over?

    How can I make this happen?

    What can I do, or what object or service can I sell to make (this much money) today?

    Once you open up your mind and your heart and start looking at your finances this way, you move into a space of creativity and trust, where things can happen and flow. You unlock new ideas you may never have thought of before, and that openness is a big step towards encouraging the law of attraction and manifesting money quickly.

    Stop sabotaging yourself and don’t worry if you don’t get it right straight away: Failure often comes before success. You may still find yourself feeling sorry for yourself at times, but if you’re truly committed to growing your money mindset and want to manifest money fast, you’ll become more positive and resilient as you go. Always treat money and your dreams with respect.

    Step Four: Take action towards your dreams

    There’s no doubt about it: If you want something different, you have to do something different.

    I believe people can thrive in all areas of their lives at the same time, but in order to see real change, it’s best to focus on one or two areas at a time. Let’s use the law of attraction to focus on our finances for now.

    Once you’ve identified your current money mindset, developed a routine that honors your favorite affirmations and visualizations, and shifted your way of looking at money from one of doom to one of unlimited possibility, it’s time to take action.

    Tell your money where to go

    First, you want to know exactly where your money is going. Are you spending most of your funds on food, bills, outings? Take inventory of your finances so you can then play around with the numbers.

    Then, pick one clear financial goal. Do you want to pay off that suffocating debt, pay cash for your winter holiday down south, or upgrade your car? Be specific with your goals and the amount of money you want to manifest.

    Now, make a new budget and prioritize your finances around that one clear goal. Tell your cash where to go so you have that amount of money left for your goal. I know a lot of people hate budgets, but instead of seeing it as a limiting exercise, think of it as empowering and liberating. You’re saying no to something because you’re saying yes to your dream

    Say yes to your dreams!

    Every thought, feeling and action should head towards your financial goal. Manifesting money may be hard at first, but soon you’ll start to notice little successes and that’s when it gets very exciting. Be grateful for every small step that takes you in the right direction. 

    Create space for your newfound abundance

    Abundance is a circle, and the more you give, the more you receive. Generosity is a virtue, so create space for more in your life by clearing out the old and giving things away.

    This, in fact, is called the Vacuum Law of Prosperity, which states that in order to attract whatever you desire to be, do or have in your life, you must first make room for it. This is true for physical objects, but it’s equally, if not more, relevant when it comes to learning how to release old, limiting beliefs and thought patterns that keep you from receiving abundance.

    To manifest money more quickly, start by decluttering your life, sorting out your affairs and making way for the new. Then let go and let God take care of the rest.

    And remember: You can attract wealth because you are worthy of happiness, so dream big! Stay lighthearted and playful with your money mindset and celebrate every little bit of abundance that comes your way. Believe it even if you can’t see it. Things happen in miraculous ways.

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