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Welcome... here's my story!

I am so excited that you are here and ready to design your dream life!  I truly believe that you can love all aspects of your life - at the same time.

But there was a time where I didn’t. I felt stuck...

I stayed stuck in a job that I didn’t like for about five years. I was a Clinical Psychologist working at a local community mental health. I chose this career because I love people, I love working with people, and I love to help people grow.

However, it didn’t take long working within the helping professions to experience crazy burn-out, realizing that it was more about policy, paperwork, and procedure then it truly was about people.

I find that most of us stay stuck, bored, and restless for quite awhile because we are often too scared to step into the unknown.

Can you relate?

​Thankfully, in 2007 I was introduced to a business that would ultimately change my life forever.  Slowly but surely I stepped out of my comfort zone and found a place where I could thrive.  

I am so grateful that over the past decade, I have been able to impact thousands of people and actually help people change their lives and grow (which is why I got into the field of psychology to being with!). 

After participating in our events and programs, people have told me that they have the courage to take action on their God-sized dreams, they have healed thru past hurts to feel more free than ever before, and are now so clear and excited about where they are going that they can’t wait to get up in the morning to accomplish these dreams. 

I have been trained with the best of the best: John Maxwell and Jack Canfield, and I can't wait to partner with you and help give you the skills and courage to design a life of your dreams.

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“Do you want to get over yourself and your self-limiting beliefs? This journal is a must read and gives the answers that you’ve been searching for to build a better life.” 

Co-Founder of Billion Dollar Brand "It Works Global"

Patty Aubrey

“Simple yet profound principles that will give you the tools you need to design your dream life and become all that you were created to be." 

Author of Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul

Jack Canfield

"If you're looking for a higher level of success, joy or accountability then I'd highly encourage you to start working with Denise!"

Author of The Success Principles & Chicken Soup for the Soul

Get The Design Your Dream Life Workbook for FREE!

For a limited time, I'm giving away my newest book for FREE - you only pay shipping!  Click below to check it out!

Get The Design Your Dream Life Workbook for FREE!

For a limited time, I'm giving away my newest book for FREE - you only pay shipping! Click below to check it out!

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