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About Me

My Family (now and then)

Well, my name is Denise Walsh, and I have two beautiful children, and a wonderful husband named Brandon. We are blessed to both be able to stay home with the kids full-time and experience them growing, learning, and whining. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is my favorite picture of my little guy Owen, makes me laugh every time I see it. ๐Ÿ™‚


I grew up in Troy, MI where I was fortunate to have a very supportive and caring upbringing where I was loved on very much. I was the eldest of three children, and that sense of responsibility has definitely followed me into my adulthood.

We were very involved in the church growing up, frequently going on mission trips, and participating in lots of church events in and around the community.

As an adult, I cherish the fact that I learned to trust Christ at such a young age, and that my family made that a priority for me/us.

Education/Work (my past life)

therapist client on couch stick drawing
I have always had a genuine love for other people, and known that I wanted to work in a profession where I could truly help others and make a lasting impact. So, with that in mind, I earned my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College in Illinois, and started a career in the local mental health system.

During that time, I met/helped/loved-on thousands of individuals and I enjoyed many aspects of my career very much. However, the ever-changing paperwork and politics that come alongside this type of work can certainly burn a girl out – and FAST!

My husband, was in a similar position at his work during this time as well. Brandon, had always wanted to own his own business. However, choosing the “safe path” he worked as an aviation engineer for a well-known company for several years and now he was feeling stuck in cubical world.

Then Came… It Works Global!

denise mark and pam of itworks

Then, in 2007, we met some friends at church who had recently started working with a company that sold body wraps and Brandon immediately got excited about the idea of doing something different to make some extra money, and spice things up a little bit.

For us, it was perfect timing because we were really becoming beat up at our 9-5 jobs, and we had the extra time to put into a new endeavor.

It Was Hard…

Dont Give Up Sign

The best tip I could ever give anyone with It Works Global is to “never give up”, because we almost gave up several times, and it would have been the worst mistake of our lives!

My husband and I had never really done any kind of business like this before, and I think it’s important to let people know that being a network marketer in a new company, isn’t always easy. In fact, it took us a few YEARS to really get the hang of things, and start earning a decent income with It Works!

We began trying EVERYthing we could think of to get the word out: expos, approaching salons, writing letters to friends and family, and that’s when we started dabbling with marketing online as well…

And, to be honest, nothing worked at all for the entire first year. And, if it wasn’t for our amazing upline leader, Kami Dempsey, we never would have gotten off the ground and running.

Marketing the Wrap Online Started to Work!

Brandon, who had been building websites and learning about search engine optimization in his spare time, started getting prospects coming through his website! It wasn’t a ton at first (a prospect every week or so), but it as the break we needed to get excited and generate some momentum.

Soon enough, Brandon was getting dozens of leads each week through various websites, and we began distributing them to our team as well. With all these leads, and momentum, I began reading as many leadership and networking books as I could get my hands on.

Building a team, marketing, and everything having to do with business was really quite foreign to me. And, at that point in time, I was terribly frightened of calling prospects and the idea of trying to sell anything at all.

But, with time, as I kept stretching myself out of my comfort zone, and having some success, it became something that I really loved.

Growth, Systems & Teamwork!

It wasn’t too long before the leads were too much for me to handle, and I had to start getting ‘systems’ in place that were duplicate-able.

Fortunately, it was about this time that I had some amazing leaders join my team (Nikki Moore, Anna Godfrey, Danielle Vernon, Amanda Cassanova), and together we were able to brainstorm the best methods for connecting/training/communicating with these leads from all over the globe.

The result was training calls, leadership calls, webinars, autoresponders, and tiers of Facebook groups that really became THE tool to change everything. If you are currently in a direct sales company of any kind, and you are not using Facebook groups to communicate with your team, I think you are doing your entire organization a tremendous disservice.

In the meanwhile, Brandon had been working on his system of distributing the leads (theleadspinner.com) with his good friend at firelitdesign.com (Eric Bigoness).

His system ended up being a tremendous blessing to our team, because it allowed our distributors to get interested leads throughout our downline, and that really allowed us to duplicate the success we were having personally throughout our organization.

Lead system for It Works Global

The image above shows the general idea of our system… facebook ads led to a website advertising the fun opportunity which lead to a system of distributing our leads with email notifications.

Support, Friendships, & Lots of Fun!

We are truly having FUN with our friends in It Works Global. Checkout my Facebook page if you don’t believe me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Where Are We Now?

Guy Drawing A Chart of Growth

As of today, 3/27/2014, It Works Global is experiencing phenomenal growth. In fact in 2013, we were recognized in Inc 500 for our growth of over 1000% over the past few years and that didn’t include our most recent success!

We are loving every second of our time with It Works Global… wrapping the world!

Personally, our income has skyrocketed to levels that we never thought were possible, and we were one of first two families in the company’s history to hit the million dollar per year mark. And, we made more in one month, than we used to make in a year combined!!!

DISCLAIMER: It is not typical, nor should anyone expect to make any money at all because they join It Works Global. Our success was not ordinary, and was the result of lots and lots and lots of hard work. Most people give up before they even get started, really. But, for those rare few who can stick with it and work hard, this is an incredible opportunity!

Let’s Dream TOGETHER!

If you are still reading all this, and you haven’t made the decision to join It Works! yet, then what are you waiting for! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We have been given the greatest blessing these past two years… our freedom. And, we want to help you do the same!


This is our crazy group of It Works Global leaders at our late night gala last weekend. You can be a part of this craziness too! ๐Ÿ™‚



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