Walsh Team…Assemble!


If you are on the walsh team, and you are actively working It Works, then you’ve done everything you need to do! 🙂

Thanks, I’ll tell you why soon!


Denise Walsh is a retired psychologist, best-selling author of Retire Your Husband & a Million Dollar Annual Earner with It Works Global.

Denise is the mother of two handsome little boys & the wife of a big handsome man.

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  1. Christina Asher

    Thank you for always remaining upbeat and encouraging! ? I always look forward in looking up to you for guidance & strength!?

  2. Eve Cronin

    I’m so excited to be a distributor with It Works!

  3. Valerie Pachl

    I am excited for this adventure!

  4. Corrie Sowa

    I SO appreciate she does for us! She helps keep me motivated and focused!

  5. Theresa Herrick

    Hi Denise, thank you

  6. Kelly Heiman

    Hello???.. Can’t wait to find out what this is!!! Hope your having a grrrreat weekend‼️‼️?

  7. Angela Miller

    I’m working.
    Nice to meet you guys!???

  8. Bobbie Fuller

    I’m so excited about this adventure! !!

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