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[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7aaaCog8zU&feature=youtu.be&noredirect=1″ width=”615″ height=”345″] [heading]WHY Are You in Business for Yourself?[/heading]

If your WHY doesn’t make you CRY, then it’s not strong enough!

Is it an extra $500/month to pay bills? Is it to take your family on a vacation once a year? Is it to provide a better education for your children? Or, is it to quit your current job?

Whatever your WHY is – something that makes you excited, hopeful, sad, ashamed, frightened, elated – it just has to keep you going!

[callout]If you’re not sure what your WHY is, sit down and think about your ideal day. From the time you wake up in the morning, to the time you go to bed at night, think about every minute of that day. Where do you wake up? Who is with you? Are you in the same state you are now? The same home? Do you have children? How many? What do you eat for breakfast? Do you have job? What does the job entail?[/callout]

When you can picture that ‘ideal day’ it will give you a new perspective on what you really want for you and your family, and give you something tangible to drive your WHY and ultimately your business with It Works Global.

Denise Walsh is a retired psychologist, best-selling author of Retire Your Husband & a Million Dollar Annual Earner with It Works Global.

Denise is the mother of two handsome little boys & the wife of a big handsome man.

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  1. Denise Walsh

    Tell me what your WHY is!

  2. Michelle Rash

    My why is to never be foreclosed on again!

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