Self Image – Creating a NEW Self-Image (Atlanta Bootcamp – It Works)

You will NEVER outperform your own self-image. Do you see yourself as a leader? A successful entrepreneur? Or, are you just someone who is half-committed to their cause?

In Atlanta, I shared my story of self-image transition from a clinical psychologist, to a 7-figure leader with It Works Global.

I’d love to hear about your personal challenges and successes with your own self-image, so, please leave me a comment below! 🙂

Denise Walsh is a retired psychologist, best-selling author of Retire Your Husband & a Million Dollar Annual Earner with It Works Global.

Denise is the mother of two handsome little boys & the wife of a big handsome man.

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  1. Kerry

    Awesome Video to motivate our team ~ Thank you Denise X 😀

    • Denise Walsh

      Thanks Kerry! I had a lot of fun doing it! 🙂

  2. Kaitie Lasley

    I struggle with self image constantly! This video was so inspiring! I’m an ambassador leader with ItWorks Global!!

    • Denise Walsh

      Thanks Kaitie! As you know, it was a bit hurdle for me to overcome as well but it made a huge difference in my business when I started to believe in my true self!

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