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  1. Vicki Donthnier

    Im a Distributor and woikd love to know whats in your Binder or party book.. from the looks of this video i believe it would a great tool!

    • Denise Walsh

      That’s a great idea Vicki! Maybe I can schedule that for an upcoming video! Thanks!

  2. Karey bitney

    You can make a list of what spoke at the beginning. I really hard to understand for a hard of hearing person even with volume is up LOUD. LOL

    • Denise Walsh

      Hi Karey!

      I actually didn’t say a whole lot in the beginning, other than I am getting ready for a wrap party with someone I met at the Dentist’s office. haha

      But, in the future, I’ll see if I can crank the volume up a little bit! Thanks!

  3. Michelle Rash

    This video just removed my fear of not having enough wraps! Thanks, lady 🙂

    • Denise Walsh

      Glad I could help Michelle!

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