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It Works Energy Drink (Is It Really Any Good?)

IT WORKS ENERGY is a brand new energy drink from It Works Global that is revolutionizing the market with a healthy, delicious & effective alternative to popular brands like Red Bull and Monster. In order to show you what makes It Energy so special compared to its competitors, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to break it down. We hope you enjoy IT! 🙂

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» How much caffeine is in It Energy?
» What source of caffeine does it use?
» What ingredients are in It Works Energy Drink?
» How much sugar is in it?
» What type of sugar does it use?
» How does it differ from other energy drinks?
» How much does it cost?
» Can I sell it?
» Where can I buy it?

How much caffeine is in IT ENERGY?

IT ENERGY comes packed with 100mg of caffeine per can. This is about the equivalent of one standard cup of coffee or two glasses of green tea. The American Medical Association recommends no more than 300 mg of caffeine per day for an adult and 100 mg for an adolescent.

What source of caffeine does it use?

The source of caffeine used in It Energy is green tea extract. Green tea is known by many health advocates as being the Holy Grail of energy supplements. There are many benefits of using green tea extract as the primary source of the energy blend in It Energy some of which include:

L-Theanine is an amino acid which is naturally found in Green Tea extract, this amino acid is known for its abilities of calming the central nervous system while improving focus and concentration. This also reduces the jitters which are common in many mainstream energy drinks.

Metabolism Booster: Green Tea extract is also great for boosting metabolism. In a study of 10 healthy young males, each was assigned to three meals, each meal had one treatment of either 50mg of green tea extract, 50mg of standard caffeine, or a placebo capsule. Each participant spent 24 hours in a respiratory chamber to monitor and measure energy expenditure. All participants when taking the green tea treatment had between a 4-4.5% increase in thermogenesis (burning of calories) compared to the other treatments (Web MD Green Tea Publication)

Heart Health: Green tea is also jam packed full of flavanoids which are proven to help reduce hypertension and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Bad Breath: Unlike coffee which can leave a bad taste or smell in your mouth, green tea extract has a natural antibiotic effect which kills germs in the mouth. This antibiotic property helps reduce bad breath but can also contribute to better oral health overall.

Anti-Inflammatory: Green Tea extract is also widely used by athletes and fitness advocates as a pre-workout booster. The energy provided paired with the anti-inflammatory properties makes for a focused workout with a quicker healing period.

What is in IT ENERGY?

The full ingredient list of IT ENERGY is as follows:

Green Tea Extract
Prickly Pear Puree (chock-full of phytonutrients and well established supressor of inflammation in the digestive and urinary tracts)
Blueberry Juice Concentrate
Cranberry Juice Concentrate
Gotu Kola (used for fatigue, anxiety, depression, helps with memory and brain function)
Folic Acid

Riboflavin- 1.7mg
Niacin- 20mg
Vitamin B5- 5 mg
Vitamin B12- 25mcg
Biotin- 300mcg
Partothenic Acid 5mg

How much sugar is in It Energy?

It Energy comes with 27G of Sugar per can, which is the same amount of sugar in Redbull and 50% less than what comes in a Monster energy drink. The really important thing to look at, however, is not how much sugar is used, but what form of sugar it uses.

What kind of sugar is used in It Energy?

It Energy uses a form of sugar called crystalline fructose. Structurally, crystalline fructose is very similar to glucose, which is the kind of sugar our bodies make when they break down foods. This is valuable because this property gives it a lower glycemic score, meaning when ingesting crystalline fructose our blood sugar will not spike to nearly the amounts it would with normal table sugar, only ⅕ or 20% as much, to be exact.

How does it differ from other energy drinks?

It Energy is very different from many of the energy drinks currently on the market – it’s a much safer, healthier alternative. These are some of the key differences:

Sugars: Many of the current energy drinks out there use high amounts of table sugar, artificial sweeteners or both. These kinds of sugars, especially the artificial sweeteners, have many adverse health effects when consumed regularly.

Guarana: A large amount of energy drinks currently use Guarana as an additional herbal stimulant in their drinks. While Guarana itself can be a beneficial supplement, it can become dangerous when it’s paired with large amounts of caffeine. This ingredient paired with caffeine also contributes heavily to that “jittery” feeling you can get from many other energy drinks.

Natural Fruit Juices: It Energy is one of the very few energy drinks that has a very high content of natural fruit juices in its proprietary blend. With 15% fruit juice from blueberry and cranberry concentrate, these antioxidant-packed fruits taste great and also help boost your immune system.

Okay, I get it. they’re good. But how much do they cost?

It Energy cannot be found in your local grocery store – instead it is delivered to your door in a case of 24 cans each month. Each case costs $60 wholesale, or $2.50 per can.

I heard you can make money by selling It Energy, is this true?

Absolutely! If you become a distributor for It Works Global, the health and wellness company that created It Works Energy, you can begin selling these energy drinks to anyone you know! You can sell just enough to cover your own costs of the product or you can turn it into a full-time income… it all depends what your goal is!

Where can I buy it? How can I sign up?

For just $99, you can start your own business with It Works and begin sharing It Energy with everyone you know who loves energy drinks. There are TONS of way to market this product, but the energy drink industry is a 37 BILLION dollar market already!

There is a huge demand for a healthier alternative and now you can have your own slice of the pie – we see this is a ground floor opportunity and we are excited to share it with a whole new group of hungry entrepreneurs! If you’re ready to get started right now, just click here to get signed up.

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