See How A Wrap Party Really Works!

I recently went to New York with my sister (who recently became a Wrap Girl), and a good friend and fellow leader Anna Godfrey (who taped all these videos, thanks!) ;)

While we were there, we decided to tape a few short videos that show you the entire process of what a wrap party really looks like!

[heading]How To Wrap[/heading] [media url="" width="615" height="461"] [callout bg="#6CD119" color="#FFFFFF"]As you can see, it only takes a few seconds to apply the wrap, and you don’t have to get undressed! (which is a common misconception!)[/callout]
[heading]What Does a Wrap Party Look Like? – Part 1[/heading] [media url="" width="615" height="461"] [spacer size="40"]
[heading]What Does a Wrap Party Look Like? – Part 2[/heading] [media url="" width="615" height="461"] [spacer size="40"]
[heading]How to Take Off the Wrap! (Unwrap)[/heading] [media url="" width="615" height="461"] [spacer size="40"]
[heading]How to Make Money as a Wrap Girl![/heading] [media url="" width="615" height="461"]

Throwing a successful wrap party is really about having fun, and being confident in the wrap. Sometimes people bloat, and sometimes they see great results over the course of the hour. But, regardless of what happens, you need to have fun with it.

Being a wrap girl is about creating real friendships and giving people freedom from the stresses of everyday life.

Hopefully, these videos helped you to understand how to have a successful wrap party, and I look forward to hearing from you sometime soon!

Denise Walsh is a retired psychologist, best-selling author of Retire Your Husband & a Million Dollar Annual Earner with It Works Global. Denise is the mother of two handsome little boys & the wife of a big handsome man. Follow Denise: » Denise on Facebook! » Partner With Denise!

  • Taylor Norris on Facebook

    You’re a great leader.

    • Denise Walsh

      Thanks Taylor! You are too!

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    I’m liking the new website. Looks Great

    • Denise Walsh

      Thanks Kelley, it’s a work in progress, but Brandon has been working hard to get it going for me!

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